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Quantified aims to provide an open platform to developers, as to realise custom applications. The FireFly communication protocol and the command sets as well as the working principles of all our sensing devices is publicly available. This enables the developer to:

  • add custom sensors to your FireFly sensor node.

  • create a custom host device to interface with Quantified external devices.


For acquiring devices, nodes or parts (X-type connector, connector cable, etc… ) send us your needs and we will get in touch! Further more: we welcome any questions, remarks or great ideas – feel free to get in touch!

FireFly Development Specifications and Communication Protocol

FireFly Communication Protocol for the Solar Chimney

FireFly Communication Protocol for the Probe TRH

FireFly Communication Protocol for the Pluviometer

FireFly Communication Protocol for the Macro Scale

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Take the train to Leiden central station and walk 10 minutes to our office and lab.



Parking garage is just accros the street at Langegracht 3 2312 NV Leiden

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